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24th. Highlight of my day. â¤ï¸

Published November 16, 2013 by angelivillegas


My boyfriend is the sweetest man on earth! He never fails to surprise me on my special day. What a lucky brat girl I am! 🙂

Envious? You should be. lol. Because I’m blessed, gifted, valued and loved. 🙂 Nah. Just learn how to appreciate even the smallest things and you’ll find out that you are also blessed beyond belief.

Birthday greetings are very overwhelming as well as the foodsssssss! 🙂 Wow. Just wow! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Thank You Lord for giving me another year to enjoy life. I love you and thank you for always being there for me.

2nd Anniversary ❤️

Published September 29, 2013 by angelivillegas


I Love You. I know saying those words are not enough to express my feelings to you. On our anniversary, let me thank you for all the love and care. For all the moment we shared, which I truly treasured. We’ve been into many ups and downs. But we’ve managed to get through with them. In the process, we grow and mature. I hope we stay in love with each other. Happy 2nd Anniversary my love! ❤️