Like a Princess :)

Published July 15, 2012 by angelivillegas

SUNdate and it’s Mamee day *as per him* and yeah. . It is!

He’s right beside me, sleeping. . Hugging me tight. . You know the feeling when someone don’t wanna let you go? That’s how I feel right now 🙂

Hug and kiss him. . That’s what I usually do whenever I don’t feel like sleeping yet. . Hopefully he’s not just pretending to be asleep whenever I do these kind of things 🙂 JK.

I LOVE HIM. . I love him so much. . I don’t know why and how. . Everytime I’m with him, I know I’m safe. . I’m loved. . I’m respected. .

I could say. . . he’s the man. . THE MAN I WANNA BE WITH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE 🙂

Thank you for treating me like a Princess. . 🙂

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