Published July 14, 2012 by angelivillegas

Yeah. I’m so blessed. I know I did something to make him feel bad, but still. . I’m the most spoiled girl in the world. I don’t deserve what happened today, hence, I could say that I am the luckiest girlfriend in the whole wide world.

6:00am, he picked me up from the office. . It was a successful surprise I should say. . Too bad we have a poor *very poor* signal reception where I work. . Text messages came in  late. . So, i really don’t have any idea that he’s gonna pick me up. . Yes, no words can describe this feeling. .

  • Breakfast with him
  • Sleep beside him
  • Cuddle with him
  • Quality time with him

He even dropped by at home to bring some cookies before he goes to work. . Wheeew. . Thank You Lord. Thank You. I appreciate everything. I’ll be a good girl, I SWEAR. .

Thank You Jan Irvin, I love you. .

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